There’s no question that animals provide us with the best possible pictures we could ever dream of.

Then things got even better when Snapchat came around. The ability to caption your pet doing ridiculous things is just…it’s amazing. We’ve already show you what cats and dogs have to offer, but now it’s time for the ultimate animal Snapchat compilation.

You’re welcome.

1. This deer, who honestly just needs the nutrition.

2. It’s not his fault there’s no such thing as a horse feeder.

3. Well did you say something to offend him?

4. Do you own this bird? Or was it just a random encounter?

5. Where is its tail…?

6. Disappointed there’s not a puppy as baby Jesus, but I guess this is fine.

7. How do you know your cat just didn’t grow antlers, huh?

8. I’m not sure, but it looks enthralling.

9. Cute…but why are you laying in a field near cows?

10. And he looks so smug about it.